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Winter Blues? Dr. Squirrel Has You Covered!

I love this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase”.

WELLNESS: Winter can be dark, cold, and rainy, so this is the time to get non-stop energy to help alleviate the winter doldrums. Here are some easy natural remedies. The payoff: long-lasting energy that doesn’t fizzle.

1. Power up your body. Consider taking CoQ10 for essential energy and maintaining high antioxidant levels that decline with age. 200mg a day to keep up with heavy levels.

2. Go for a natural high. Take arginine, resveratrol, and alpha-lipoic acid 30 minutes before a work-out to promote mitochondrial activity-the natural energy production in our cells. The gain is faster toning and increased stamina. Non gym types can get a lift as well.

3. Exercise smart. The key to increasing metabolism and thereby energy is to power the mitochondria in the cells. To accomplish this do both cardio and weight training. To begin, consult a physical therapist or trainer for knowledge on which exercises are right for your body and current health.

4. Get moving. Taking a 10minute walk provides energy for up to two hours. Exposure to sunlight helps regulate your circadian rhythm, so you stay more alert.

5. Use caffeine wisely. Caffeine can give you a quick energy surge and the  best are green and black teas which give an even keel focused energy.

6. Keeps mints handy. Peppermint-smelling or tasting it-stimulates the trigeminal nerve that is connected to the part of the brain that induces wakefulness.

7. Eat Chocolate. Yes, really. Eating small amounts of dark chocolate may boost physical endurance, say researchers of the U of C at San Diego, School of Medicine. Optimal dose is a five-gram piece which is roughly the size of two postage stamps. This will also protect your arteries according to Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Squirrels FITNESS Tips: Strength training is critical for all of us. Research shows that strength training is a key to a longer, healthier life. It can slow and reverse age-related declines  in muscle mass and endurance. Research also shows it can reduce the risks of  falls, back pain, and depression.  The most common options include weight machines and free weights. But as stated above, talk to a professional so that you can do the best exercises for your body and health.

Dr. Squirrels BEAUTY Tips: Easy ways to beat the bloat, minimize salt, maximize sleep, and start soothing. At home remedies are the quickest way to deflate momentary puffiness. Create an eye compress by soaking a clean cotton cloth in cold soy milk. Or try refrigerated wet tea bags. Want a dazzling smile? Wine, coffee, and berries stain teeth, so snack on crunchy veggies such as celery and carrots to stimulate salivary production to help clean your mouth. Try Crest 3D White Effects and use whitening toothpaste to maintain the effects of bleaching.

Dr. Squirrel Tip: Remember to always keep a regular 325 mg Aspirin with you at all times. Studies show that it can save lives. Chew one aspirin if you think that you are having a heart attack, even if it turns out that you are not having one, it will not hurt you and could save your life.

“Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class.” Have an energy filled winter and beautiful days!

Kisses, Dr. Squirrel

(Dr. Tandra Cadigan a.ka. Dr. Squirrel is a practicing OB/GYN for over 20 years in Newport Beach, CA)



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