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Why Men Should Love Women with Short Hair


What is it with men and long hair? I started thinking about this recently after I chopped off my hair. I have had long hair most of my life and recently while in Paris, it got the axe! The reaction from women is all positive, but men, well that’s a different story.

It seems men prefer women with long hair. Is it because they can grab onto something while having sex? Is it because men feel more masculine when they are with a woman with long hair? Does long hair on a woman equal femininity? I think old hollywood got it right.┬áSome of the most famous women in the world had short hair. These ladies were pretty hot and considered sexy. Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Mia Farrow, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor…to name a few. Short hair was definitely the trend back then…starting in the 20’s with the flapper girl. These women are considered timeless beauties. Men take note, the short hair revival is coming!


For me personally, I feel sophisticated and sexier with my new short hair. There is a certain attitude that comes with short tresses. It’s as though I unearthed a new attitude and confidence. Short hair is liberating…..lose your hair, lose your insecurities! Some women may be hiding behind their long hair. They use it as a security blanket, as if they are hiding from something. I was one of those girls. Now I feel liberated and much closer to my Parisian girls across the Atlantic. Who doesn’t want the attitude of a Parisian gal? I know I do.

Dr. Squirrel is way ahead of the curve and has been rocking short hair for over 20 years. Like most things, the Doc knows best…always. (pic of us below)


The ultimate pin up girl had short hair. Marilyn Monroe embodied beauty and sex appeal. She was onto something back then; we are all just playing catch up.



~Kisses Bella Squirrel

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