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Valentine’s Day

This Friday is the day when a lot of flowers are sold. We love flowers every day of the year not just one day, we call lover’s day!  In celebration of Valentine’s Day we came up with a few ideas for you to give that special person in your life. If you don’t have anyone this year don’t fret, it’s a good idea to treat yourself to something nice… and why not? The best love is one that you have for yourself first.

For Her: This gift set by Fresh is affordable at $32.00 and has everything that a woman would want for her body. A great value and everything from Fresh smells so good! (Click image to purchase)

For Him & Her: On a budget this year? No problem! A great stand by is making that special person in your life breakfast in bed. Home made from the heart is always a winner!

For Him & Her: Change your surroundings for a night and check in to your local hotel for a Staycation. The price of  a one night hotel room could be cheaper than going out to dinner. Restaurants are known to hike up their prices on Valentine’s Day! Skip the masses and check in to that hotel you have always been curious about!

For Him: We are loving the David Beckham body wear H&M collection. From boxer briefs to lounge wear this collection is affordable and chic for that special guy in your life!  (Click image for purchase or to browse)

For Him & Her: Let the games begin! In the spirit of the Olympics let’s all play a game. And now you can with these Valentine Day playing cards. (Click here to learn how to make them)

Happy Valentine’s Day from House of Squirrels!


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