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Update Your Wardrobe for Summer


The summer season is almost here. As tends to be the case, that means we’re about to be inundated with fashion tips, new collections, and more options than we know what to do with. Really, there’s no stopping this from happening. But instead of pointing you toward a particular collection or directing you to browse through overwhelming mall shop windows, in this post I’ll seek to provide a few more general tips for how to upgrade your wardrobe this summer. Usually, with a light focus on the trends of the year, an emphasis on comfort, and a bit of your personal taste, you can end up with a summer wardrobe you’re more than happy about.

Here are five tips to help get you started!

Grab Some Colorful Sundresses

It seems that year after year, a particular style or color of sundress is noted on fashion blogs as being particularly trendy. Indeed, we do see colors, patterns,designs, etc. go in and out of style, but for summer sundresses, it’s all a bit silly. The truth is, anything light and colorful ought to do the trick for lunch out in town or a trip to the beach.

Remember Bags & Accessories

It’s simple, really: during the summer, a lot of women tend to be out and about more—meeting for lunch dates, shopping around town on weekends, going for walks, or, for the lucky ones, strolling along the beach. And being out and about means having the right accessories on hand, whether that means fashionable shoes you don’t mind walking in, a stylish bag to bring along, or sunglasses or a hat to fit the season. These are items that Elle Magazine kept in mind in its own rundown of summer fashion trends, and some of the photos therein, from a variety of designer sand collections, may serve as inspiration.

Don’t Forget The Underwear

In all the coverage we see for summer fashion online and in magazines, it seems there is rarely a mention of underwear! To some extent, this is because undergarments don’t necessarily change with the seasons. However, particularly when it starts to get hot out, and many women find themselves being a bit more active, some decide to opt for new purchases simply for the sake of comfort. And once you buy underwear for the sake of comfort—not because you just need some more—you may find you’re happier with it than ever! Adam & Eve’s lingerie buying guide can get you off to a nice start here, offering tips on finding the right cup size, choosing the right styles for your body type, and more. For example, did you know you could estimate cup size pretty accurately by comparing your size and shape to different fruits? I didn’t either! At any rate, focusing on comfort can help your summer undergarments to fit right in with the light and cozy styles of the season.

Buy Some Gladiator Sandals

This is the only suggestion I’ll make that’s aimed at a pretty specific item for your summer wardrobe, and it’s in a category I usually don’t pay attention to trends in.When it comes to footwear, my one and only rule tends to be comfort first, fashion second. But there are plenty of options that are both comfortable and fashionable and this summer one of the most appealing is the gladiator sandal. This was actually pointed out in Harper’s Bazaar’s spring and summer guide, where 10 specific “must-have” gladiator sandals were displayed. Presumably different designs will appeal to different women, but the point is this general style of shoe is one of the trendiest, most comfortable and most versatile you can find. You can wear them with pretty much anything you’d wear during the summer (formal events aside). While theHarper’s Bazaar article points to some pretty pricey options, you can usually find them at reasonable prices.

Do Something Bold

I know, I know, this doesn’t necessarily give you a direction on your next trip to the mall, but take it to heart anyway. Summer is a time to be playful, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be in regards to your fashion. Yes, you’ll want to stay comfortable and keep up with some general trends and good sense for the season, but a unique, individual touch is almost always a good thing, provided you don’t have a new one each day. Try being the first of your friends to bring the one-piece bathing suit back, or rock some cat-eye ’50s-style sunglasses; try some fun new jewelry or a stylish ornament in your hair. As always with fashion, the options are endless—but do something for your summer wardrobe that comes solely from your imagination.

Just a few ideas to get you thinking before you hit the mall this season!

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