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Unjaded in New York City


My recent trip to New York had me thinking about the majestic city and what it had to offer. Every time I visit Manhattan, I unearth a new lesson. This trip was no different. To enjoy the magic the city has to offer, you have to go into it unjaded.

Regardless of your hotel accommodation and four star room service, run to the nearest deli and grab yourself an egg sandwich! I don’t know what these delis possess but they have secret abilities that blow my taste buds! Fancy doesn’t equate to better. Remaining open minded on your culinary adventures in New York will have you coming back for more!


Our tradition on Sunday’s is to have brunch at a staple in the Meatpacking District, Macelleria. So we looked like tourists taking photo ops, but this picture is perfectly framed minus my mismatched outfit! Don’t worry- take lots of photos!

macleria steakhouse

If you are celebrating your birthday like I was, don’t be embarrassed when the waiters surround your table and sing happy birthday. New Yorkers might scowl at such amusings, but every night I went out to dinner this stunt was repeated and I even caught some of the locals joining in on the celebration!


Visit the museums! We spent an entire morning at the 911 Museum.  A lot of tears that morning among us. There was a section to leave a sentiment for those we lost that day. I took the opportunity and wrote the message below. A must visit on your next trip to New York! Never forget.


More photo ops! I loved this restaurant in Tribeca, called The Greek! I curled up on their couch with their fur throw! Why not? It was cold!



When I told people I was going to the Christmas Rockettes Show at Radio City Music Hall they rolled their eyes. Confused by their reactions, I carried on with my plans to take my sister-in-law and nephew Caden to the show. Definitely a highlight of the trip! Everyone in their lifetime has to go to this show! It was excellent! The show makes you happy, hopeful and brings you back to feeling like a kid again… keep your inner child alive! The best part was sharing the moment with Caden. Watching him experience the show through his 3 1/2 year old eyes is a memory I will cherish forever.

When Caden insisted on Auntie Donte blowing out a candle again, how could I say no? He insisted I relight the candle 5 times so he could sing Happy Birthday to me over and over again.  A lesson to be learned from a young child to enjoy the simple things in life. I am blessed to be his God Mom and Aunt.


With my NY trip nearing its conclusion I decided to brave the subway for the first time. Being a California girl born and raised, I was definitely stepping outside my comfort zone… my unjaded attitude in Manhattan was rubbing off on me. The subway was easy and not scary! Wherever you travel, remember to keep an open mind and go into it unjaded… probably a good attitude to keep throughout life!

~Kisses Travel Squirrel


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