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Two Weeks in the Luberon

Last minute decision to accompany Dr. Squirrel to Provence to work on our house was made three days before departure. Mum needed my help and I was happy to oblige, but also sad to leave my beloved Chihuahua’s. Two weeks later, the return back has left us both homesick for the place we will always call home, the Luberon in Provence, France.

Here is how our adventure unfolded.

Long time fans of Air France, and the only non-stop from LA to Paris, here is the Doc and I on the Air Bus 380 awaiting take off on the largest passenger jet in the world. (Sad face Captain Squirrel…more about that at the end of the post). Psst..make sure to check out my post here on what I take on long haul flights. πŸ™‚

As we arrive at our home in Gordes, France, the magic of the Luberon greets us with her effortless beauty. After 13 years, this view never gets old. We are home.

We had our lovely American friends who live in Paris as house guests for a few days. There was a lot of dinner parties and amazing cooking going on. More about that in my next post, ‘Anna the Great’, which will be up later this week. Oh, who is that handsome frenchman? He’s mine, thanks! πŸ™‚

The Doc and I ate at a very famous lunch spot called, Cafe De La Poste, which is located in Goult, France. You can equate this lunch spot to the Ivy in Los Angeles. I was just there to Β eat and appreciate the fact the French allow dogs in restaurants. Hint, hint America!

Every trip, I stop into the olive oil farm to say hi to the proprietor’s, which we sell their olive oil on Shop Squirrel. I was purchasing their home made, pure lavender soap, that is all natural and paraben free. The soaps will launch soon on Shop Squirrel! We also purchased more olive oil, since our first bunch on the site is almost sold out!

Dr. Squirrel being stalked by a German Sheppard in the fields of Provence. What is she doing? Trying to find truffles I guess..

On one of our hikes we came across this tiny church in the middle of the woods. It must be a sign. Not sure what it means yet, but probably something about me needing to be with a French dude! Ha!

We stopped in Paris for one night and ate at this gem of a restaurant, Cinq Mars. Dr. Squirrel always looking chic…you should see what she wears on the plane-it’s always runway worthy!

Quick stop in Paris means a must stop in to Celine. I picked up these new kicks, Love and Life. I had to earn those puppies. Squirrel Score!

How we Squirrels roll in Paris means haircut time at the David Mallet salon by the genius, Hakim. And…that happened. Chopped my locks off. Captain Squirrel (my Dad) hates it. πŸ™ What’s with men and long hair? Borrrring.

As we make our way back on the most comfortable plane ever, the Air Bus 380, which took us across the Atlantic safely both ways. Captain Squirrel, likes to remind me that he dislikes this plane and says: “If it ain’t Boeing you ain’t going”! Sigh….

The silver lining of returning home to La La land is reuniting with this little one, Vesper, my beloved Chihuahua. Now if only I could get my Chi’s to the Luberon, I might not ever leave.

~Kisses Principal Squirrel

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