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Three Ways to Give Back for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Three Things Friday’s post is dedicated on giving back in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are three things you can do to donate, support and bring awareness to a disease as Dr. Cadigan (aka Dr. Squirrel) says should never kill someone.

My friend Lori Sica, introduced me to her friend Brenda Jones, who is a survivor of Breast Cancer. Brenda, is the founder and creator of a great charity called, Pink Hug Wraps. Hug Wraps is an alternative to the not attractive, uncomfortable, hospital gowns given to patients while receiving treatment. Brenda came up with a flannel wrap that is comfortable, attractive, and makes patients feel cozy.  This is such a brilliant idea, and we need to support Hug Wraps platform. You can donate here. Read more about Brenda’s journey on her site Hug Wraps. Lastly, support Brenda’s platform by taking a minute and giving her facebook page a like here. Every little bit counts, whether it’s a ‘like’ or a five dollar donation. Let’s all support Hug Wraps!

All of us love our beauty products and this month some of HOS’ fave products are highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By purchasing any of these products a portion is donated to the eradication of this disease! Below is one of our all time faves by Smashbox who is participating in BCAM. Photo Finnish, is a must in every Squirrel Girls makeup bag. We wrote about the product under Bella Squirrel earlier this year here. HOS calls it “Little Miracle Worker.”

All over the country cites and towns partake in BCAM walks. Find out where one is happening in your local area and sign up to walk for this important cause. Not only does this bring awareness to the disease and shows your support it’s healthy to exercise. Dr. Squirrel wrote in her post on Breast Cancer, that one of the things we all should do is walk 75 minutes a week. This is one of many preventative measures you can do. Here is the post the Doc wrote: http: ‘Breast Health’

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