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Three Things-Your Visage

“Three Things” Friday is here and this week is about our face….or more importantly, the skin on your face!  It’s true you are what you eat, and the foods/drinks you consume contribute to your skin’s appearance. Bella Squirrel, would like to share three things you must use for your face every day for the rest of your life! Commitment and consistency is important to any skin regimen. Stop trying all these fads and products! Your answer is here in this week’s “Three Things”.

The three step process Jan Marini created is the best on the market. Dr. Cadigan (Dr. Squirrel), discovered Jan Marini years ago and has been a devoted fan ever since. Dr. C has spread the Marini gospel to all of her patients, and to me, her daughter, Principal Squirrel. I have now spread the gospel to all my closest Squirrel Girls who use the products daily. Jan Marini is hands down the most effective ingredients for your skin. Since, I have been using Marini for years (consistently) it has changed the look of my skin dramatically to the point of where I don’t need under eye concealer or foundation. The pic above was taken of me in the morning. Trust me, before I started using this three step process my skin was scary looking in the morning. (Btw, I am nowhere near my 20’s)

First Step: C-Esta Serum. Apply after your face has been washed morning and night.

Step Two: BioClear Lotion. Apply after C-Esta morning and night.

Step Three: Transformation Cream. Apply after BioClear morning and night.

Three step process should be applied day and night. Remember consistency and commitment is key. See Dr. C below recently on her trip in Italy. The Doc defines the fountain of youth and her skin reflects timeless beauty thanks to Jan Marini’s three step regimen!

P.S. We’ll get into Dr. C’s gorgeous legs in a future post! 🙂

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~Kisses Bella Squirrel

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