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Three Things – What I learned from NYFW

I went to NYFW for the first time and was able to go to some fashion shows. Thanks Ken! Here are three things I learned on my Squirrel Girl adventure:

Models do eat.

Yep! It’s true. I know, I know, you think I am kissing up to someone who may read this. The reality is they do eat and I have proof. Look at the picture below. They are eating.. and eating carbs! I witnessed sandwiches being consumed and no less gluten! Gluten is the word that you hear thrown around at dinner parties or around the water cooler at work. Poor little word is getting a bad wrap. Who started the rumor of him anyway!? Now, it may be cool to eat gluten again since witnessing the mass consumption of sandwiches the models were eating backstage. Who knows what happened after they swallowed…if you were stuck behind one in line for the lieu it was a hefty wait. But, honestly they were very, very nice but really, really skinny! The sandwich thing was most likely a one off! I don’t think my arms were ever that tiny even when I was 5!

I don’t eat like the models.

Well, that’s obvious! If you have been following HOS then you have seen countless pics of me eating my way through London, France and New York. My food pics alone could make you gain 5lbs! Regardless, I love food and have a passion for it and all of its’ wonder. However, we at HOS do believe in moderation….sometimes 🙂 Below is my pasta from my favorite restaurant in NY, Lavagna.

The models all look similar.

It’s not like the 90’s era with models like Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Naomie Campbell. Today, these girls, yes girls…very young 15-18 at most, all have the same look. It was androgynous, yet delicate. They lacked sex appeal from that of their former counterparts. Someone later told me that it’s about the clothes and not the girls.  However, I will stick to the 90’s era where models had curves and sex appeal…clothes seemed to be selling back then too.  The images of a model today sends an unrealistic image to our youth who are impressionable, and have instant access to pop culture through social media.  Models today are too thin in my opinion, and we need to set a better example of what is realistic.  Pretty soon, the clothes won’t be the focal point….it will be the withering away of the model coming down the runway.

~Kisses Style Squirrel


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