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Three Things – Provence Living

As many as you know I recently came back from Provence. Every time I visit this magical region I return with a desire to bring back a little Provence living to my every day life. Three things that I noticed on my visits were the abundance of artists, the healthy elderly, and the beauty of the produce.

Take a walk!

The area in Provence I visit is called the Luberon. Dr. Squirrel has had a home in the village Gordes for many years. Frequently, on our visits we walk up to Gordes. This is a pretty hefty walk up to the village. I noticed on my recent trip an elderly woman walking up to the village. We know her as Mama Imbert. She is 95 years old! Twice on my trip I ran into her on our walks. Madame Imbert is fit, lean, and has an amazing presence. I could not help but be inspired by her stamina and energy! Mama Imbert, like the other elderly in Provence have a healthy glow and spirit that you want to bottle up and take home with you. I attest, that this due to their daily walks! Let’s all take a lesson from Mama Imbert and get walking!

Produce galore!

Fruits, and vegetables are an abundance in this region. Provence supplies most of Europe with their produce. Luckily, when I visit I get to bask in the freshness of the fruits and vegetables. The tomatoes especially are unlike no other I have tasted. You can smell them permeantate your kitchen and the taste is delicious. The lettuce blows my mind too. Look at the picture below of the lettuce I took at the grocery store…this is the norm!  One of the things I miss most when I return home is the beautiful lettuce!

 The Artist

Another observation I noticed in Provence are the quality of the artists in the region. From painters to sculptors, artists congregate here to work on their craft. As I have mentioned before there is a magic here that brings out this special energy in people. For me, it’s cleansing of my soul for others it’s mastering their craft. It all makes sense, considering our most famous impressionists came to Provence to paint…..Van Gogh, Monet etc.

One of my favorite artists is a sculptor, and friend, named Gabriel Sobin. Not only is he a long time friend of our families, he is a talented artist. The picture below is of he and his daughter this Summer. The other picture is of his sculptor that sits as you enter the village, Lacoste. You can see Gaby’s work here. Make sure to check his work out…this Artist is going places!

~Kisses Principal Squirrel

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