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Three Things-What to Bring to a Dinner Party

How many times have you been invited to a dinner party and are bored of bringing the same gift to the host? Most of us bring a bottle of wine. Let’s step outside the box and bring something that will ‘wow’ the host! Here are House of Squirrels’ three ideas for being creative about your dinner party gift!

A book is lovely to give for any occasion, but bringing one as a present to a dinner party will set you apart from the rest of the guests. House of Squirrels recommends a book called, ‘Toasts’ by, Paul Dickson.  Over 1,500 of the best toasts, sentiments, blessings, and graces. For only $20.00, (the going price for most wine), you can find this book at West Elm stores nationwide. Squirrel Tip: Click image below and be directed to Amazon and purchase for $13.99.

Our second idea is a version of some special Chocolate with sea salt. Everyone loves chocolate…a great staple to have on hand in your house to give to guests or for that late night snack. House of Squirrels recommends Chocolate Editions, by Mary and Matt-$6.00 each. The packaging is unique and perfect to give as a gift to any host! Squirrel Tip: Click image below to purchase.

Our third idea are Stitching Postcards by, Sweet Bella. I am in love with this concept. Definitely the most unique and clever gift to give at a dinner party. These postcards come with a needle and thread to stitch a route, memory or invitation. This site has a lot of things we are loving but the postcards are completely genius for $5.00 each. Squirrel score! Click image to purchase.

All three of these gift ideas are great petite cadeaus to give at a dinner party. When they ask you, “Where did you come up with such a clever gift?” You can say the authority- House of Squirrels! 🙂

We want to launch “Three Things” every Friday. Let us know if you like this idea!

~Kisses Kitchen Squirrel

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