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Three Beauty Products to Try this Weekend

Three Things Friday is all about beauty products this Squirrel Girl is going to try this weekend! As I read tons of magazines searching for the latest and greatest products to share with all of you, I came across this new Fresh product, Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourshing Honey Mask. The first of three beauty products I must Squirrel up!

Fresh has great products and perfumes, and I have always been a fan. This honey mask caught my eye. I also read about it in Traveler Magazine, which tells me it must be good if they are profiling a beauty product! Here is what they said: “Fresh turned to the forests of the Sologne region, home to the resilient Buckfast bee. Their nectar forms the base of this hydrating mask, whose fragrance is nothing short of transporting.” This mask sounds delightful. Purchase and read more about it what it does here. Buckfast bee?…Sold on that alone!

I am overdue for a mani/pedi, and this weekend is the start of Fall! It’s time to switch to Fall colors, and the first I am trying is Essie’s, “For the Twill of it.” I am digging this combination of purple and greens…..right on target for HOS’ favorite Holiday, Halloween! You can purchase it here.

I am heading to my nearest Sephora to Squirrel these new eyeshadows from Stila. Metallic eyeshadows are a great addition to include in your Fall makeup routine! Perfect for the Holidays and evenings…..Stila’s new eyeshadows are a must have! HOS is loving the copper color above, which looks good on every skin tone. Choose from their nine colors here and watch the video on how to apply here. Squirrel tip: Highly recommend watching the Stila video! 🙂

~Bella Squirrel

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