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The Secret to the Fountain of Youth

Health and Wellness: You exercise and eat right, but your body is getting older each year.  You have to accept it, yet maybe not. Harvard  geneticist David Sinclair, states that aging is actually a treatable condition. Our bodies have an extraordinary ability to repair themselves. The enzyme telomerase inserted into our DNA keeps the cells young.

However, humans are provided with a limited amount of telomerase and a maximum life span of 120 years providing we survive the perils of middle age. Unless, that is, someone figures out how to increase the telomerase inside our bodies. Drs. Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol Greider won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the enzyme that protects the DNA in our chromosomes, and its role in keeping cells young. Telomerase protects our telomeres which sit at the end of our 23 pairs of chromosomes, protecting them from damage.

Picture  the plastic cap at the ends of your shoelaces which prevent your laces from fraying. But, for some reason, the telomeres do not get copied completely during cell division resulting in the telomeres shortening as we age. Studies have shown that if our telomeres are shorter than should be for our age then we are more prone to disease and earlier death. Therefore, telomeres serve as a kind of predictor of how we are aging!

We have the the ability to measure our telomere length and this test is capable of delivering news that one can do something about! The important lab test, which can be offered, will eventually be “standard of care” someday along with the labs that evaluate cardiac health and diabetes. Studies show how stress reduction, exercise, and Omega-3’s, all lengthen our telomeres. There is a supplement called TA-65 available which claims to lengthen telomeres. But the cautionary note on TA-65 is that it may also stimulate cancer cells. All of this is very exciting and a hot topic around the world.

The research on telomeres and its protector, the enzyme, telomerase will affect how long we live as well as preventing disease. We will keep you up to date on this very important subject.

Dr. Squirrel Tip: Walk, walk, grab a friend, and move that wonderful body of yours! Slump equals dumpy. Stand straight, perfect your posture and look younger and thinner!

~Kisses Dr. Squirrel


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