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The New Platform

Why didn’t we think of this years ago?  Platform high tops? Who’s the genius behind this concept?  Regardless of who created this trend, they are my new besties!  This Fall your must have shoe is the platform high top!

I am so loving this shoe!  The platform high top that poses as a hip new version of the heel is too good to be true.  I am always looking for comfort and style at the same time. Usually one has to compromise, and the stiletto seems to win out due to its ability to make you look lean and chic, but now we have this platform sneaker that is sweeping the streets and magazines this season.

The platform high top can be paired with a dress or skirt with sexy tights as shown in the picture above or with skinny jeans and a blazer.  Dressed up or down, this shoe is versatile and comfortable.  Below, Giselle Bundchen is wearing Isabel Marant’s black and white high tops… street fashion done right!

Isabel Marant’s high top sneakers were the first on the scene.. higher price point… but definitely chic!

Squirrel Tip: Topshop & Isabel Marant are having sales go Squirrel your high tops!


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