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Rag & Bone Me….My Pick for the Must Have Fall Jean of the Season

First of all, to know me is to know that I am huge fan and consumer of Rag & Bone. Their jeans fit like no other.  They make you look skinny and your legs long and lean.  Most importantly, they pass the “butt check”.  Don’t tell me that you haven’t done this before! 😉  I can’t purchase a pair of jeans without doing the “all important butt check” in the mirror.  I am more of a curvy gal and not making my booty more than it needs to be is an important factor when shopping for jeans.  I am loving these black Rag & Bones jeans from the Fall 2012 collection.

As I was researching for my must have pant of the season, I came across this Rag & Bone jean with a leather coating.  How genius is it to make a jean that looks like a leather pant, but at the cost of  a regular jean?  I am so crushing on these Rag & Bones I bought for the season, and you will be too!  They are comfortable, they make you look skinny, and they definitely pass the “butt check”!  I might even go so far as to say that they make my bootie look better than its true reality.

With the perfect amount of stretch and edge, this jean can be paired with a white tee and ankle booties or a silk blouse and some great platform high tops.  You can dress this pant up or down….perfect for either a date night or casual dinner with the girls.  This is definitely a must have for the season.   As we say here at House of Squirrels…. Squirrel tail up on this item!

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