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The Secret to the Fountain of Youth

Health and Wellness: You exercise and eat right, but your body is getting older each year. ¬†You have to accept it, yet maybe not. Harvard ¬†geneticist David Sinclair, states that aging is actually…More

“I Will Have a Plate of Cruciferous Veggies and a Side of Omega-3’s”

Who wants to look like Dr. Squirrel? We sure do! What a stunner! A Mother of four children and a practicing OB/GYN, Dr. Tandra Cadigan aka Dr. Squirrel is an example of a…More

Breast Health for Breast Awareness Month

We at House of Squirrels want to make sure we bring awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness month. ¬†Considering that our brand is a lifestyle brand geared towards women, Dr. Tandra Cadigan (Dr. Squirrel)…More