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Halloween is a lifestyle. Come October it’s on; the decorations are on display at stores and pumpkins are everywhere. I love Halloween and everything that comes along with it. AMC and Syfy networks…More

Burger in Paris

It took Air Frances’ Air Bus 380, 5,658 miles and flying over Greenland at 35,000 feet to land in the city of lights where I had the best burger of my Squirrel life!…More

Where the Chefs Go…

My recent trip to Charleston had my Mom and I discussing at great lengths on where to eat in this very charming city. It’s the one city where choosing a restaurant is actually…More

Summer Spirit

I have never been much of a white wine drinker until one Summer trip to Paris. Our french friends ordered a bottle of Sancerre out to lunch one day and I was hooked.…More

It’s All About the Whipped Cream

Once I learned how to make whipped cream this Summer, it’s been a whipped cream fest at House of Squirrels headquarters. I want to put it on everything! I am eager to have…More

House of Squirrels Green Bean Casserole

Thanksgiving is around the corner and what better way to impress your family and friends than with House of Squirrels Green Bean Casserole. ¬†Perfect for Holiday dinners or a side dish, this Fall/Winter…More