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Tis the Season to Party!

You’re invited to House of Squirrels five picks for the perfect holiday dress! We scoured the internet, pinterest, and magazines, to choose the fab five. Nothing beats the feeling when you put on…More

With Love, Sandro

I was so excited to wear all my new Sandro pieces to Paris this Fall, unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip and move it to December. I was ready to make the…More

Love Shack

When I recently discovered this dress line, “Love Shack Fancy”, I instantly thought of that B-52’s song, ‘Love Shack Baby’.. remember that song? Did I just age myself..again? Oh well, the point is…More

A Marriage Made in Fashion Heaven

Quick get your Nike’s on, there is a fashion orgasm about to happen! On November 14th H&M launches their collaboration with my top fave fashion obsession, Isabel Marant! This is fantastic! Isabel Marant…More

Cooper and Ella

My recent “cruise by” of my local Cusp store resulted in a great Squirrel score- the discovery of HOS’ new go to brand for blouses, Cooper and Ella. First, how amaze is the…More

Ladylike Grunge

Remember Nirvana and Pearl Jam? They inspired the “Grunge” look that swept the country during the 90’s. At that time it was Doc Martens, plaid flannels, and chained wallets. Cut to present day…More

There’s a Jungle Cat in My Closet

Here kitty, kitty come hither…. I like me some fierceness in my closet and why not start with spots? Cheetah spots that is…. Fall fashion is upon us and House of Squirrels is…More

Accessorize Me Please

To accessorize or not? HOS believes in the philosophy of less is more when it comes to fashion. This means accessorize lightly.  This week’s post is about inspiration for key accessories for Spring.…More

The New Platform

Why didn’t we think of this years ago?  Platform high tops? Who’s the genius behind this concept?  Regardless of who created this trend, they are my new besties!  This Fall your must have…More

Rag & Bone Me….My Pick for the Must Have Fall Jean of the Season

First of all, to know me is to know that I am huge fan and consumer of Rag & Bone. Their jeans fit like no other.  They make you look skinny and your…More