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Summer Health News- Sunscreen

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein. With summer here, it is time to reach for the sunscreen; drink fluids to stay hydrated; and…More

Brain Shrinkage? Dr. Squirrel Explains How this Can Affect You!

 “Kindness is to love what grace is to beauty” Ah, The wonder and beauty of Spring is here! Now we are well into 2015, and we have some exciting topics filled with great…More

How to Bond Girl it in Paris

Vesper is my all time favorite Bond girl, so much so I named my Chihuahua Vesper. My recent trip to Paris had me channeling my inner bond girl and living out scenes right…More

Dr. Squirrels New Year Health Tips

This time of year we think of New Year’s resolutions and while few go unbroken, making them is a good start in improving health. If you don’t want to make a formal list…More

Turkey Day Tips

It’s almost turkey day! I love Thanksgiving week and all that it brings. Fall weather is here, the leaves are bright with colors, the air is crisp, walks are filled with smells of…More

Charles Town

I arrived on a 30 seater plane in Charleston, SC and one of the first things I was told was the mosquitos don’t bite the locals- they only bite the tourists! Of course,…More

Jet Lag Tips from Travel Squirrel

My neighbor and dear friend Gail just returned from a trip to Italy. She spent ten days in Tuscany. One could consider this region of the world heavenly. I have been once and…More

My Quest to Become a Chefs BFF

My favorite thing about Gato, is that my new “bff” is the chef there (unbeknownst to him). The journey began in Paris last December. One evening, in a tiny restaurant in Montmartre (where no…More

I Learned My Lesson in New York

I think I finally learned my lesson during my recent trip to NY. It started with my food parties I had every day. Carb parties, dessert parties, all kinds of culinary indulgences were…More

Dr. Squirrel Talks Alzheimer’s

~Spring: Birds swimming in a sea of golden sun; small green leaves and warm earth giving way to new life. WELLNESS: My husband thought the comments by Harvard physician Dr. Anthony L. Komaroff…More