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Tis the Season to Party!

You’re invited to House of Squirrels five picks for the perfect holiday dress! We scoured the internet, pinterest, and magazines, to choose the fab five. Nothing beats the feeling when you put on…More

Ladylike Grunge

Remember Nirvana and Pearl Jam? They inspired the “Grunge” look that swept the country during the 90’s. At that time it was Doc Martens, plaid flannels, and chained wallets. Cut to present day…More

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Bikini

I know, I know, who has the body to wear a bikini?! I hear you. It’s hard to keep up with societies’ pressures on what beauty is.  I am nowhere near perfect and…More

Something about a Bronzer

Do you remember Cameron Diaz’s neighbor in “Something About Mary?” That’s the result of someone who bakes themselves way too much out in the sun. With skin cancer on the rise and our…More

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…. Who is the Fairest of Them All? Well, of course… Squirrel Girls are! Spring is upon us and we here at HOS love discovering new key beauty looks…More

Viva la Lace!

The 80′s brought us the birth of Madonna. Do you remember Madonna back when she first started? I was a little girl. Did I just age myself? : ) Regardless, she was groundbreaking on…More

I Have a New Crush

I have been lucky enough to travel to France (thanks Dr. Squirrel) which is where my crush started.  No, not a boy, but a fantastic French clothing brand called Maje. When I am…More