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Super Bowl Party Prep

To know HOS is to know our love for the Broncos. Here are my boys getting on the plane at last years Super Bowl XLVIII. Sadly, they didn’t make it to SB in Arizona. However, my tips are still timeless!

Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner and we here at House of Squirrels have 5 tips for a successful party!

1.) Skip the nonsense! No need to blow up balloons and decorate. Wear your teams colors and concentrate on good food and company.

2.) Make easy apps that suffice as meals. We love the idea of nachos. Make veggie and meat nachos for your guests. This way you will have all your bases covered for any vegans and picky eaters. Who doesn’t like nachos?

3.) Buy a keg or a half a keg. Easy access for guests and less of a mess. Cost effective too!

4.) Get a board and play a game with a $5-10 spot each. Involve the kids so they can choose too. Click here for Super Bowl game ideas!

5.) Have all your TV’s playing the game. This way you don’t have everyone crowded around one television. If you have one in kitchen, bedroom etc have them all on. This spreads out the chaos. 🙂

For HOS’ Guacamole dip and Margarita recipe click here.

Squirrel Tip: Don’t drink and drive; make sure you have arranged transportation to and from the party.

~Kisses Kitchen Squirrel

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