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Summer Essentials – Outdoor Parties


Continuing with our ‘Summer Essentials’ series we are talking all things party. I tend to hibernate during the winter months and don’t throw as many dinner parties. I recently heard the oldie but goodie, “Born in the USA” by the Boss and was inspired to share a few HOS party ideas….USA themed!

Pinterest is a great resource for ideas on anything- I’m talking anything! I came across this picture of  sparklers in coke bottles. It’s so USA! Having some sparklers on hand for your next party is a great idea. Stick them in a cupcake or serve them with your sangria…it’s squirrel time, get your sparkler on! However you decide to use them make sure safety is a priority. 🙂

Green Party Goods is a site dedicated to party supplies. Their products are biodegradeable or ‘green’ if you will…I love the festive colored straws! A colorful drink deserves a colorful straw! Place a jar full of the straws on your kitchen counter; it adds a pop of color and gets people in the mood for fun! Green party goods is the resource for all things party.

PAPER_STRAWSCandles give parties ambience. So let’s change it up and use mason jars to place our candles in. I love the rustic feel of mason jars…they also scream USA to me! You can buy a box of them on Green party goods site or any home store. Decorate the jars by tying string/ribbon around the top, glue pics, write on them or put sand at the bottom and create a beachy feel. I have even seen them hanging!


The stand by drinks for most summer parties are wine and beer. Boring……Let’s make sangria! Refreshing and perfect for a summer soiree, sangria has made a come back in the culinary world. I love Bobby Flay’s recipe for his Rose Sangria Spritzer. Click here for the recipe. Yummy in the Squirrel tummy!

GT0111H_Rose-Sangria-Spritzer_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscapeWe want to see your party pics, so tag us by using the hashtag #hosparty and post them to twitter or instagram. Your pic could be posted on our facebook page. Get your party squirrel on!

~Kisses Party Squirrel

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