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I Found a New Bestie and Her Name is Not Champagne

Stop the presses!! Breaking News here at House of Squirrels headquarters! After many years of being a champs lover and connoisseur, we have found a great sister to champagne. As you know champagne can be pricey at $30.00 and up for a bottle. With times tough for most people, a cheaper but just as delicious version of the Queen of the sparklers has shown her pretty little face.

Let me introduce you to Blasons de Bourgogne Brut Rose Cremant De Bourgogne. This sparkler is a neighbor to the Champagne region…I was told a very short hop from the border. But if you are not made in Champagne you can’t call your bottle Champagne. The blends and the soil are the same and the taste is amaze! My Mom discovered this beauty at Trader Joe’s and decided to try it…cut to….we are now huge fans! The price is $10.99 a bottle and tastes like a $50.00 bottle. As we say here at House of Squirrels…Squirrel approved or Squirrel tail up on this discovery!

Trader Joe’s also carries the Cremant Reserve Brut Blanc version too.  Squirrel Girls tend to lean towards anything in blush color..especially champs! 🙂

~Kisses Kitchen Squirrel





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