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Squirrel in Da’ Hood

Me and the apple

My innocence played out on Sunset airstrip in Hillsboro, OR many moons ago. There were countless summer nights where I begged my Dad to set up the tent so I could sleep outside. My childhood fantasies played out in the filbert orchards where my creativity was unearthed..these are the memories of my youth that came rushing back in when I recently visited my old hood.

My visit with Captain Squirrel (aka my Dad) in Oregon last weekend was eye opening. Captain Squirrel was in great spirits and I didn’t seem to drive him too crazy…this tends to happen with two of a kind full of spicy energy! Regardless of all that, I had forgotten how beautiful Oregon is- something I didn’t appreciate as a child. My eyes are 30 years older and what I see through them has a different appreciation. I see beauty everywhere. The vast mountain landscape, fields of farm lands and sunsets that take your breath away, Oregon is where the Evergreens stand.


My Dad and I took a walk after dinner every night. Our walk consisted of orchids of peaches and apples. Awwh, the country, the little things matter.

peach field

We also discovered wild blackberries on our walks. Captain Squirrel had a few off the branch. I was hesitant cuz of sneaky insects….must be the city girl in me.


It’s incredibly charming driving down a country road to my Dad’s house when you come upon a field of wild sunflowers and a sign that has been handwritten. Tres charm!


Captain Squirrel was totally game in taking pics. I am pretending to fly one of his toys…I mean planes. 🙂

donte in plane

I was a good daughter and made my Dad and Step-Mom dinner: BBQ steak with secret Squirrel marinade, red new potatoes, and Squirrel salad. Want recipes? Post a comment and we can hook you up!


Captain Squirrel at age five is the cutest thing since discovering Chihuahuas! I kid, I kid….

young dad

Selfie with Captain Squirrel! #golden

selfie with Captain Squirrel

My trip concluded with a a trip to the golf course where I chowed down on a giant club sandwich….to which my Dad is still amazed. Spending time with Captain Squirrel and my old stomping grounds, made me value my memories and the time spent with the best pilot this world has ever seen- my Dad, Captain Squirrel.

~Kisses Travel Squirrel


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