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Squirrel Girls New York Scrapbook

I love New York…I feel at home when I visit.  Second only to my beloved Paris, NYC always welcomes me with open arms. We recently took a girls trip there to celebrate my birthday…two besties and Dr. Squirrel in tow, we were off on an adventure!

My favorite hotel in the world is the Greenwich.  Located in Tribeca, this boutique hotel’s rooms are each individually decorated.  The wide plank wooden floors, high ceilings, and Red Flower products make you feel as though a warm and fuzzy blanket were wrapped around you. The Lounge is the centerpiece of this hotel. Its’ grand fireplace and good looking patrons bring this hotspot just the right amount of uptown glam. Below is a picture of their pool and spa which is located in the basement. The spa is scented with the delicious aroma of Red Flower candles…which, I find, bring you an immediate sense of serenity and calm. The spa is also available to residents of the city, as is the gym. Squirrel Score!

The first night we were in the city we ate at a restaurant called The Harrison in Tribeca. Only a few blocks away from The Greenwich, this bistro has great energy and food. I had the pumpkin risotto pictured below, and it was amazing!

The city comes alive at night and its beauty never ceases to amaze me.  The evening awaits as our Squirrel adventure continues…

Principal Squirrel and Dr. Squirrel walking the streets in the Meatpacking District…

Another of my favorite restaurants in New York is called Macelleria Steakhouse, and is located in the Meatpacking District.  It has a great bar..super fun place to grab some food and watch football.

Horatio Street is one of my favorites in NY.  I dream of having a place here, or in the surrounding area, someday soon. Must work harder! 🙂

The view from the bar at Macelleria Steakhouse looking out onto Meat Packing District…

I spy Squirrel Girls walking the NY streets…..

Dinner at Mas Farmhouse in the West Village with the Squirrel Girls, Dr. Squirrel, and a gentleman!

The beautiful table at Mas Farmhouse…

Well, what do we have here?…A birthday?

My all time favorite Italian restaurant in New York is called Lavagna. It’s a charming, and elegant little spot tucked away on a tiny little street in the East Village. It’s absolutely the best Italian food I have ever had…and trust me I am quite the carb connoisseur! Below is a picture of  Principal and Dr. Squirrel enjoying the last meal of our trip. I might need to relocate based on this find alone!

Off to JFK in DIAL 7 car service….absolutely the best bargain in town!  Be sure to use them on your next trip to New York.

On the plane wearing my favorite purchase of the entire trip…my Rag and Bone sweater. I am obsessed!

Pssst….House of Squirrels will eventually have a place in New York City.

~Kisses, Principal Squirrel


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