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Spring Health Tips

“Tomorrow’s hope is that we have learned something from yesterday.”

~John Wayne

Here are some helpful ideas to improve your well-being, both emotionally and physically:


About 40% of happiness is under our control, according to Dr. Ronald Siegel, assistant clinical professor, of psychology at Harvard Medical School.  In contrast, only about 10% has to do with good and bad fortune.  Dr. Siegel says, that it is our responses to events that determine our level of well-being rather than the events. Here are some steps you can take to improve your emotional well-being:

*Live in the moment

*Be grateful

*Do things for others

*Take inventory of your strengths, then apply them in new ways.

*Savor pleasure.  Think of the good times and celebrate!


Overall well-being also includes physical health. Two thirds of illness is the result of our lifestyle choices.  Here is some advice from Dr. Edward Phillips, founder of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard:

*Take responsibility for your health

*Apply your personal strengths to your health, whether it be organizational or creative skills

*Come up with reasonable and small first goals. If a win-win situation is applied we can be confident with success

*Be accountable for your changes

*Pay attention to the benefits.  When we can see that change is possible, we will be encouraged to make more good changes

*The flu shot is linked to lowering the risk of heart problems.  The AMA found that getting the flu vaccine was associated with a 30% reduction of developing major heart problems such as, heart failure, heart attack, stroke and even death. The AMA believes the vaccine stops the virus from causing havoc in our arteries.


Walk, run, play, and move that body every day!


1.  Deep Clean- washing our face with soap will not fully remove makeup and exfoliate dead cells.  We recommend the Clarisonic brush and Jan Marini Glycolic cleanser.

2.  Do Not Skip Serum-  It may seem like an unnecessary step, but when your skin is clean, a great serum aids in having beautiful skin.  A good value is Jan Marini’s C-Esta serum and Lierac’s Illuminating Serum.

3. Maximize Moisture- We need a moisturizer for a dewy complexion.  Shiseido’s Refining Moisturizer ($45) combats dullness and inflammation. This step is important all year around, but especially during the winter months.

Spring is just around the corner and beautiful things will be happening!

~Kisses Dr. Squirrel


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