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Kate the Great!

House of Squirrels was in London last week to cover the Royal Baby that never happened while I was there. However, it was a treat to be in London during this joyous historical time. Aside from covering the birth of the Royal Baby, I was off on an adventure to find out what designers Kate wears and who are her top go to brands!

I went to Harvey Nichols, which is a very famous department store in London. There I scoured every floor of the six that they have and talked to whoever would discuss fashion with me.  I think it was on the fourth floor, Contemporary Designer, that I found what I was searching for…Kate’s fave English brands!

Kate wears mostly British designers, in fact, pretty much 99% of the time. The Princess of Cambridge top two faves are REISS and Whistles. I had not heard of either of the designers before, and I consider myself pretty much in the know with fashion….obviously not! 🙂 I checked out both brands and they appear to be affordable for the average woman, and have classic ladylike sillouhettes.  Kate wore REISS dress in her official engagement photo seen below.

REISS has a classic influence with a contemporary edge that I believe most American women would gravitate toward.  The brand has not yet reached our subconscious here in the States…but with Kate becoming a fashion icon, REISS will be household name in no time.  You can find REISS stores in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, and Boston or order online here.

The next designer that Kate loves is Whistles. This brand is Kate’s go to for everyday wear.  Kate wore a Whistles blouse during their first photo of their engagement pictured below.

Needless to say, when this information hits the press both pieces from Whistles and REISS sell out in minutes. Whistles has a similar feel to REISS. Classic contemporary styles with ladylike touches. I see both brands for female professionals who want to be stylish in the office but remain feminine. Whistles is not yet in the United States but you can order online here and they ship to the US.

The dresses from both brands, I believe, will translate to our modern American woman.  As Kate’s fashion sense becomes more center stage so will her go to designers. American women everywhere will eventually be wearing them to…you heard it here first!

Kate in a REISS dress with the First Lady.

REISS dress worn by the Princess of Campbridge.

Below Kate is showing her lover for her Whistles dresses.

My research on Kate’s designer preferences has already influenced me on wearing dresses more often. Kate has brought back the ladylike dress and made it cool again. I might have to ditch my skinny jeans and become more Kate-like and rock these fem frocks. But don’t worry, I am not going as far as wearing the ladylike shoes too….stilletos and platforms will never take a back seat to this Squirrel Girls closet. 🙂

~Kisses Style Squirrel

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