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Pubs, Sausages, Birds and a Brit!

My final London post is a collage of pictures from my Squirrel adventure! Of course, that starts with me on my Virgin Atlantic flight in the cockpit of the 747. I always check out the pilots to make sure they are in tip top shape. As some of you know, my Dad is Captain Squirrel, who flew for Delta for 36 years. so…you can understand why I take pilots and airplanes so seriously! ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a great seat on the 747. I was upstairs on the exit row. I ended up having the whole row to myself. This was not my original seat. Squirrel Tip: Check the flight 48 hours before you take off. The airline releases a lot of seats, and you can change your seat to a better one. This is what I did on both legs of my flight.

Champs in a plastic cup and a packet of pretzels is not optimal for Squirrel Girls…but this is an incentive to work harder so we can always fly business class! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not into selfies unless they serve a purpose. I took this one in the morning after my 10 hour flight to London. I have never looked so fresh from a International flight. You must buy Red Flower’s Fresh Berry Oil Serum. I put that on before I “tried” to sleep and it made a huge difference in my skin’s appearance before we landed in London. Never have I looked so normal on these type of flights. This is one of HOS’ top beauty products of the year! Also, I am wearing Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara. After sleeping on the flight, I had no flakes or clumps and my eyelashes were still perfect! Squirrel Score!

The Anthenaeum Hotel’s customer service was top rate and the best I have ever experienced in all my travels! The Hotel makes you feel like you’re home.

I went to Buckingham Palace to see about becoming a princess….didn’t quite work out. ๐Ÿ™

The Pubs are great in London. I ate a lot of sausages in a lot of these spots during my stay.

Harvey Nichols department store was lovely. They displayed their items on floating clouds. I kind of want these in my house.

I really, really tried to distract the Queen’s guard. He probably just thought.. another annoying tourist.

I wanted to ride on the famous London Eye. Didn’t happen…onset of claustrophobia in my “older age” stopped this adventure right in its’ tracks!

The thing I love most about London are the Royal Parks. I met a lot of birds….

Time to go home on my Virgin Atlantic flight. I took this picture of the wing because it was so big! I sent the pic to Captain Squirrel and he wrote me back, “the wing is made of plastic”. ย Great Dad…as I am about to take-off over the Atlantic ocean back to Los Angeles. Sigh….

The best part about coming home is reuniting with my Chis. Here is Vesper, smothering me with kisses the night I arrived home. Happy place!

I will be leaving for Provence August 20, stay tune for more Squirrel adventures!

~Kisses Being Squirrel


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