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Something about a Bronzer

Do you remember Cameron Diaz’s neighbor in “Something About Mary?” That’s the result of someone who bakes themselves way too much out in the sun. With skin cancer on the rise and our desire to keep the fountain of youth on our side, it’s a good idea to turn to self tanners and bronzers.  Don’t fret, House of Squirrels has you covered!

Dr. Squirrel and I take finding the best self tanners and bronzers seriously. We are both avid users and share our discoveries with each other. Usually Dr. Squirrel (My Mom), ends up finding some awesome new product. But not this year!! I hit the jackpot with my fave bronzer for your visage, and THE best self tanner for your body.

Recently, I stumbled upon my newest obsession, Napoleon‘s makeup line. I have posted about it here, but at the time, I had not tried their bronzer. I love it and so do all my friends that I have converted.  It’s handmade in Italy and full of antioxidants which gives you an all over coverage with a beautiful glow. This bronzer will not disappoint and neither will their other products!

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Applying bronzer can be just as important as finding one. I am loving this makeup brush by Napoleon.

Dr. Squirrel is wearing this bronzer by Tom Ford. A little pricey for this Squirrel Girl, but hey Mom has doctor dollars! 🙂

I waited patiently for Brazilian True Tan to come to the shelves of Sephora. The wait was worth it.  After many years of using different self tanners this is by far the best one I have ever tried. Easy to apply, and long lasting, Brazilian Tan leaves you with a beautiful color that lasts over a week. HOS approved!

Another product I discovered at Sephora is Per-fekt. This is an instant bronzer that gives you an immediate tan. Use this when you are going somewhere and you need a quick tan. I bought this for Dr. Squirrel for Mother’s Day and she is loving it!

Let us know how you like these products we highlighted…we love comments on the site. Your feedback is important to us!

Remember limit your sun exposure, skin cancer is one of the top leading killers today. Try these self tanners and bronzers and look like you just came back from a tropical paradise.

~Kisses Bella Squirrel

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