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I Learned My Lesson in New York

I think I finally learned my lesson during my recent trip to NY. It started with my food parties I had every day. Carb parties, dessert parties, all kinds of culinary indulgences were happening. It has to be one of my favorite things about New York; all the amazing restaurants. We started off with Pierre Lotti, pictured above, which was a blend of mediterranean food with an influence from Istanbul. How Dr. Squirrel finds these restaurants remains a mystery to us all….a true Squirrel. This leads us to one of my new favorite spots in the West Village, The Little Owl. A tiny restaurant with a ‘Chopped’ champion chef leading the way. This charming place will be my go to every time I visit the big apple. Squirrel tip: Book in advance. The place is small and fills up fast.

Sunday funday consisted of a stellar girls lunch with these lovely ladies below. An oldie but goodie, Macelleria Steakhouse is a great brunch spot.

Being an LA girl, I love to be outside and walk for hours. I wish LA had a highline. New York has so much unexpected charm. Walking the highline ends a perfect weekend in one of the world’s most popular destination cities. I understand why New Yorkers are such ‘walkers’,….lesson developing….

In my previous NY posts, I have mentioned my all time favorite Italian restaurant in the US. Lavagna, in the East Village is top shelf. Dr. Squirrel and I with Yorgo the owner.  A must go to when in NY. That evening was a carb party for the ages!

My new best friends- my divine Calvin Kelin’s. #obsessed (note the skinny jeans..lesson continues to develop).

An ‘ussie’ is a must, especially when the Doc is wearing Givenchy feathers!

I love the evenings in NY, the light is beautiful. Below is a picture of the West Village around 7pm at night. The big apple had me at hello.

With my food parties in full swing on these trips, I finally learned a valuable lesson: DO NOT ONLY PACK SKINNY JEANS! That is all…..:)

~Travel Squirrel

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