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Niceness in Nashville

Bro and I

Step off the plane in Nashville and the presence of kindness surrounds you like a warm blanket…well, that and Taylor Swift images. Country singers in the bars belt out their latest songs about broken hearts and smiles greet you as you walk down the terminal- you have arrived in Nashville.

I visit Nashville once or twice a year and I love it. My brother and sister-in-law live there with their two and half year son, Torin. This year I went over Halloween weekend and my brother (pictured above) and I were busy carving pumpkins and prepping the decorations for the trick or treaters. Fall had definitely descended on Nashville. The leaves were full of bright colors and there was a brisk chill in the air. I enjoyed wearing my fall clothes, bundling up and sipping pumpkin spice lattes!

The food in Nashville is really good. My go-to restaurant is Puckett’s. Traditional southern food and live music at night, this is a must see if you ever find yourself in Nashville. How I wish there was one in La La Land… we have sushi-borrrring. In addition, to the great eats around town my sister-in-law and bff Anika, is a superb chef and cooked for us, too. This Squirrel girl knows how to get busy in the kitchen. My brother should be thanking me for the rest of his life. 🙂

We visited a couple of Halloween houses on the weekend which were fun! If you ever have the chance you must go to one next Halloween. Sometimes, it’s good to be a big kid for a day and just let loose and allow yourself to be scared! Good times at “Nashville Nightmares.” Thank you to the chainsaw masacre man who chased me out of the haunted house in front of crowds of people waiting in line… definitely a highlight of the weekend.

Vesper, my chihuahua went with me to Nashville and loved going on the plane. My nephew Torin enjoyed her too and renamed her, “puppy”.



Nashville Nightmare haunted house and my new boyfriend!

Halloween pic

Puckett’s insane dessert, deep fried brownie with bacon. #truth


The best part of the trip was this little guy, my nephew Torin. However, I think he preferred Vesper over his Auntie Squirrel. It’s the age…okay, I feel better! 🙂


~Kisses Travel Squirrel
















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