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My In Flight Purse Essentials

I travel probably more than the average person so I have become a bit of an expert on what to bring in my purse for those long haul flights. No matter what class you book on the plane, the food is never good and it’s full of sodium. Sodium is a big “no no” on flights. It will cause you to retain water and become puffy. Try to avoid salty snacks and food. I bring mixed nuts with dried fruit, protein bars and even make an almond butter sandwich.  I also recommend not to drink on flights and if you do indulge, keep it to one glass of wine etc. Buy a bottled water at the airport and hydrate the whole time on the flight, this will also aide in jet lag.

For my beauty tricks, I carry my favorite Red Flower product, ‘The Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum’. This product is a miracle worker. I put it on during the flight and it keeps my face looking hydrated….when I do venture into that dreaded plane bathroom and look in the mirror , it’s not so bad. 🙂 (Why do airlines have the worse lighting on their onboard restrooms?) Oy vey! In addition, to my Red Flower serum, I always carry my ‘Eyes by ToGoSpa’ pads. These little gems are essential to put on before you land at your destination. They stick on right under your eye and assist in de-puffing and awakening your under eye area so you look fresh! Pssst…I heard they are coming out with a new flavor soon…can’t wait!

My all star app that has saved me more than you guys will ever know is ‘Meditation Oasis’. My dear friend Monica introduced me to this wonderful App and I am forever grateful to her for the tip! You can download it for free on your iPad or iPhone etc. via your Podcast App. They have a plethora of episodes for your listening needs. I always get a little anxious when traveling and I put this on right away to meditate and get my body to relax. I have gotten so many friends and family addicted to ‘Mediation Oasis’ and so will you! Check out their site here.

 ~Kisses Travel Squirrel

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