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Mother of Pearl

Don’t stash those pearls in your jewelry drawer and wait for Easter Sunday or a family reunion. These beauties need to be front and center in your wardrobe all the time! I am guilty of doing just what I wrote. However, recently I have freed my pearls out of that cluttered drawer and have been rocking them with my every day outfits. Sex and the City has always been a source of inspiration for me, specifically Carrie’s iconic wardrobe. You can see Carrie wear a single strand of pearls with many of her outfits….from a dress with a studded belt, to a sweatshirt lounging on a Sunday. SJP brought back the coolness of pearls! Personally, I love wearing my pearls with a t-shirt and jeans. Super sharp and chic, you instantly make your ‘Grandmother’s pearls’ a must have accessory in today’s fashion landscape. Free the pearls!

~Kisses Style Squirrel

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