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Mon Amie


I hear you loud and clear ladies, trust me!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we all feel the cringe. Whether you have a special person in your life or not, the day can definitely be cringe worthy. This year I decided to dedicate my Valentine post to my single girlfriends! If you have any single girlfriends, how about you acknowledge them?! They are the ones who listen to you repeat yourself constantly and pick you up when you fall down. Let’s make them feel special and send them a Valentine. A card, candy, movie passes or a beautiful orchid would be a lovely gesture. If you are on Facebook, they make it really easy to send anyone anything… that Zuckerberg is a clever guy! I used Facebook to send a girlfriend cookies last year. The tiniest of gestures will make your friend’s day! I remember last year my best friend who happens to be my sister-in-law sent me flowers, it truly made my day! This year let’s try to make a friend who is Valentine-less feel special. It’s important to be a rainbow in someone else’s clouds! Lastly, let’s make every day Valentine’s day by spreading love.

Pssst… for any dudes reading this, if you want to acknowledge the day… stop over thinking it and just send flowers! #thatisall

~Kisses Cupid Squirrel





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