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I Have a New Crush

I have been lucky enough to travel to France (thanks Dr. Squirrel) which is where my crush started.  No, not a boy, but a fantastic French clothing brand called Maje. When I am in Paris I make sure to visit Bon Marche, a department store on the left bank.  It is here that I first discovered Maje and my crush began.

Now on to the good news for all of you Squirrels!  Maje has come to the States!  I was shopping at Bloomingdales recently and I came across a huge section dedicated to Maje.  Heart beating, smile on my face, and wallet out, I was ready to get undressed!

This takes me to the rep I met at Maje, Paulina Schwartsman.  Paulina and I hit it off and we began to talk like two girls who have known each other forever.  I was thrilled to meet Paulina and learn all about the brand and its inspiration.  Not only did I learn a lot about one of my favorite brands I found another Squirrel Girl 🙂

Here are some of my fave pieces from their Fall 2012 Collection.

Hello!  This sweater is off the hook!

This jacket is so good it hurts.

Great ankle boot for the season.

When you are feeling sassy..

I heart this color-electric blue. Looks good on all skin tones.

Yes please…

Maje has great belts and bracelets too!

I appreciate the fact that Maje is a family brand with one sister designing for Maje and another for Sandro (clothing brand).  I am in love with the inspiration behind this 2012 Fall collection which has a rocker/girly feel.  I have always been a big fan of a feminine silhouette with an edge.  Maje captures this perfectly with their color palettes and fabrics.  Paulina also explained to me that the Maje girl is quirky, eclectic, preppy, feminine, trendy, chic and has an unexpected look to her….. which makes people take a second glance while she is walking down the street.  Hmm…sounds like a Squirrel Girl to me! 😉

Squirrel Tip: Click image and you will be directed to the Maje site for purchasing.

~Kisses Style Squirrel

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