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With Love, Sandro

I was so excited to wear all my new Sandro pieces to Paris this Fall, unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip and move it to December. I was ready to make the debut of my coveted Marin Military Sandro Coat!┬áLiving in la la land it doesn’t get quite so cold to wear a ‘real’ winter coat. Paris, however, is the perfect setting to break out my new winter duds.

Digging on Sandro comes easy to this Squirrel girl. My tiger print skinny jeans, and Anaconda vans, pictured above, are rad. I bought my first pair of Sandro jeans last spring. They are covered with white stars in a washed black. Their jeans fit great, and I am now a forever fan. The Anaconda vans are a big hit amongst the Squirrel girls. Dr. Squirrel got a pair and so did my sister-in-law BFF, Anika. She’s rocking hers all over Nashville, while the Doc is showing the ladies of Newport Beach how it’s done.

Now with the trip to Paris set for December 11, there in itself is the silver lining; Christmas time in Paris…C’est magnifique! Let’s not forget the Sandro boutiques galore!

~Kisses Style Squirrel

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