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I Want to Marry Vanity Fair…


I had one of the best weeks of my life covering the Oscars for Vanity Fair and Access Hollywood as their Social Media Correspondent! I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to have worked with classy innovative people. I feel blessed that I am able to live my bliss! Come along as I take you through my adventure and share the highlights of the week leading up to the Oscars! I would also like to thank Bryan Moore and all of our sponsors for making it a fantastic week! Thank you, Grey Goose, L’Oreal Paris, Lancome, Chrysler and many more that participated! Squirrel life is good!

As you can see I was able to tweet/meet with Billy Bush who hosts Access Hollywood and is a complete gem! We had an impromptu photo session… definitely one of my highlights of the week! The pics are some of my faves!


Chrysler provided vehicles for us all week to take on joy rides with our own personal driver! If you snapped photos on your rides and posted them to twitter or instagram you could win a prize. Let’s just say I won. Thanks Chrysler!


Well, this is a first. My own spot on the red carpet labeled with my name and twitter handle. Looks like Principal Squirrel is moving up in the world. I covered a ‘Girl Rising’ event for Vanity Fair and asked social media questions to the stars on the red carpet!


Below are two of my fave interviews from the night! How gorgeous is Freida Pinto? Insane! Greer Grammer, the daughter of Kelsey Grammer was so sweet and had good answers too!

Greer Grammer

All week Vanity Fair set up beauty appointments for us by their sponsors! L’Oreal had brow bar and hair blow out day. Lancome had a nail spa and Armani Beauty did our makeup! Look out for my Beauty post on my fave products that came out of Oscar week.


All week there were amazing panels on all things Oscars! I tweeted through the panels sharing the important info that came out of each panel! I learned a lot… Vanity Fair did a great job!


A vending machine where you tweet for products…totes brillz! I pretty much cleaned up and got everything the machine had to offer. I would love to have one of these in my house or feature it at a party. Great idea!


We were well fed and well kept by Vanity Fair. The bubbly was on hand all day, all week! Gosh, don’t you just want to marry VF??! Champagne is a way to any girl’s heart… duh!


One more Billy Bush pic…I couldn’t resist!


~Kisses Principal Squirrel

P.S Thank you to Holly Love for taking the Billy Bush pics!

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