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I Vote London Culinary King

Squirrel approved! Squirrel dance! The last thing I expected in London was to have some of the best food of my Squirrel life.  I came with very low expectations, and boy I was blown away by the sophistication of the flavors and the variety of restaurants London has to offer.

My girlfriend, who was in London at the time too, took me to Scott’s the first day for an afternoon snack. Does the picture above tell you anything about how my experience was? The soup above was my first taste of London cuisine and, I knew that if this were any indication of what lay ahead, I was about to embark on an awesome culinary adventure!

Two sets of doorman just to get down into the restaurant. They say Coya is posh….they weren’t kidding. Thank goodness I wore a baller dress that night otherwise I might have been swooshed away.  Coya, is one of the top three restaurants I have ever eaten at in all my travels…this was THE discovery of my culinary adventure in London. What a delightful surprise to have uncovered this restaurant that sits on Piccadilly close to Hyde Park. The decor was modern and warm. The food was out of this world. I had pork short ribs, and squid with freshly cut jalapenos with a mint green sauce that was delish! It was too dark in there to take pics of the food and considering this place is so ‘posh’ I didn’t want to draw the wrong attention to myself. If you are ever in London, definitely stop by Coya for a Peruvian surprise. And remember to dress to impress!

The bar at Coya.

Squirrel Girls at Coya. I am wearing Victoria Beckham.

I had wonderful long lunches in London. I ate at this Spanish tapas restaurant called El Pirata in Mayfair. For 10 pounds you choose two tapas and a glass of wine. The staff was friendly and the place was full of charm.

My friend took me to one of her favorite places in London, Dean Street Townhouse located in Soho. We shared the fish and chips and destroyed it. We were definitely impressed with the delicacy of the fish that was fried in a light batter. It easily rivals any fried food I’ve had here in The States.

I love how in London they serve champagne in what I consider a proper champs glass!

Let’s just say falling upon Colbert was a top moment of my eating adventure. Located in Chelsea, this french type bistro was delightful. I ordered the club sandwich in part, on advice from one of my heroes, Adam Rapport (Editor in Chief of Bon Appetit). Adam was right…club sandwiches abroad are always a win! This club was the best I’ve ever had. Okay, now I’m hungry….note the bacon..hello? That’s the real deal.

The parks in London are magnificent. St. James Park was my favorite. They have a restaurant called, Inn The Park. The pic below shows my view from the terrace. It was one of my happier moments in London. I had the lentil burger and chips. Chips are actually french fries and I ate a lot of those during my visit.  I hope one day Dr. Squirrel (My Mom) and I can have lunch here…I know the Doc would love it too!

The last night in London I ate in an area called Shepherd’s Market which is located in Mayfair. This is a must-try when you visit. It’s a cluster of pubs and restaurants tucked away on tiny streets where no cars are allowed. I went to a place called, Le Boudin Blanc. No pictures were taken this evening because I was in the company of a famous actor. Never a dull moment in this Squirrel Girls life 🙂

~Kisses Kitchen Squirrel


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