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House of Squirrels Holiday Gift Guide!

The Holidays are around the corner and we here at House of Squirrels put together a thoughtful list of great gifts to give to your loved ones this year!  We carefully chose gifts for that special guy in your life or the aunt you have trouble buying for….below are twelve ideas we hope will make your holiday shopping a little easier this season!

1. Bon Appetite Magazine Subscription-$20.00 buy one and get one free!

Ever since Adam Rapoport took over as Editor in Chief of Bon Appetit Magazine, this publication has become a must have in food lover circles.  As Chief, Mr. Rapoport has taken a magazine once considered primarily for recipes, to a cutting edge, in the know magazine, of all things culinary.  Included in every issue are great articles about restaurants and bars from Paris to Portland, Oregon.  The art direction and layout of the magazine consistently keep the publication interesting from month to month.  Men and women will love getting this subscription as a gift!  I have given this as as present every year and the recipients love the magazine and in turn have given it as a gift to their loved ones.  A very high Squirrel tail up on this gift and a big Squirrel approved stamp!

2. Mia Clarisonic Brush-$119.00

This a must have beauty product to own as part of your skincare regimen.  The Clarisonic brush is a proven face cleansing tool that works deep down and cleans your skin, getting right into your pores.  Using this daily will show dramatic results in the look and glow of your skin.  A lot of us at House of Squirrels have been using this for years and I can personally attest to its fabulous results. No longer do I scare myself when I look in the mirror every morning! 🙂 A great gift for anyone, male or female!

3. Coldplay’s Live Ablum -Mylo Zyloto 2012-$19.99

What can I say, this is a personal obsession…Coldplay’s live album and DVD are great to give to that music lover who obviously has great taste!

4. Nest Holiday Candle-$32.00

This is the BEST smelling candle on the market…end of story.  It has a beautiful aroma that doesn’t give you a headache after an hour….you know what I am talking about right? The scent will keep your home a happy one during this Holiday season and beyond.

5. Killing Lincoln- $28.00 and for children, Lincoln’s Last Days-$19.99 by, Bill O’Reilly

Both of these books have been on the New York Times Best Seller list for over a year.  A great gift to give to that person who loves history…this book reads like a thriller. The children’s version, I hear, is great, and introduces history in a way that is exciting.  Both would make great additions to anyone’s home library!


6. Isla 7.75″ Bowl from Crate & Barrel-$16.95

For the person who loves to entertain and host dinner parties this stainless steel bowl from Crate & Barrel is a great gift to give. This classy bowl is great to serve little snacks in such as nuts, potato chips, or veggies.  Stylish and chic, this art deco bowl is a great addition to ones’ kitchen collection.

7. Give the Gift of GOGO-Two pass gift card $30.00

I love GoGo…not sure if it’s the name or that I can have wifi at 30,000 feet, but GoGo brings a smile to my face.  I suppose I think I am clever that I can tweet, facebook, or instagram when I am flying high above the world. Regardless, of how clever I may think I am this is a great gift to give to that person who travels a lot for work.  For some reason, wifing (yes I just made that word up) at 30,000 ft makes me more productive at whatever I am working on….could just be the cabin pressure that has convinced myself that my writing is brilliant four miles above the earth.  But that aside, GoGo is a great gift to give this season and a “think outside the box kind of present”….Squirrel Approved!

8. iPod Shuffle-$49.99

To know me is to know that HOS is obsessed with all things Apple.  In fact, I write all the blogs on my macbook and when traveling I use my iPhone to run the company from abroad.  The ipod shuffle is just another product that is stellar by Apple.  This is a useful present to an avid runner or for a person passionate about working out.  At $49.99 you get a lot of product and the packaging alone is always a pleasure to open.

9.Kodiak Cakes-Starting at $17.99 with a three pack gift set.

Yummy! Dr. Squirrel discovered these Kodiak cakes years ago and since then they have been a staple in the family.  The site offers all kinds of gift packages, but HOS recommends the gift set for $17.99, which includes a pancake and waffle mix with syrup.  The best part, it’s healthy! Low carbs and high in protein, this mix only requires you to add water.  This is a perfect gift to give to a Dad or brother who enjoys showing off their culinary skills when making breakfast for their families.  Kodiak cakes taste delicious too! Trust this Squirrel!

10. Rosetta Stone-$399.00

I have always wanted to be fluent in French.  I would love to get this as a gift, so in turn I think this would be a great present to give to that person in your life who is interested in  learning a new language. Try the demo on line it’s brilliant! A bit pricey at $399.00 but has come down from a price tag of $700.00 from a year ago.  User friendly and easy to use this is a must buy for anyone eager to learn.

11. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones-$299.95

Dear Santa- please bring me the Bose noise canceling headphones for Christmas.  Merci, Principal Squirrel

12. Fleur de Sel-$13.80

House of Squirrels first obsession and the anchor to our recipes tasting good, is Fleur de Sel.  We have ran two contests thus far on our facebook page and each time the winner received the salt.  Both winners wrote HOS enthusiastically about how this salt has changed their cuisine and made a dramatic difference in their cooking.  For those culinary lovers in your life this salt is a must have in the kitchen. To learn more see Kitchen Squirrel post where I dedicated a post to Fleur de Sel.

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