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Hamptons-Where the Cool Kids Go


When I first heard of the Hamptons years ago, I thought it was a TV show- turns out it’s where the cool kids go. A playground for the wealthy set in New York, the Hamptons are the place to be on the weekends during the summer. The cache attached to this destination and celebrity hot spot- the Hamptons offers more than just being a cool place to be and be seen.

I recently came back from a trip to the Hamptons over the fourth of July weekend. I have been many times, but for my brother and his family it was their first. I was excited to see their reaction and impression of such a famous place that you mostly read about on gossip sites. The best thing about this area for me is the greenery. It’s as if you were transported into a Pixar movie. The colors so vibrant the smells so potent; fields that stretch for miles and trees over a 100 years old, I find this region of Long Island magical.

One of the many things I look forward to when I visit are their restaurants. There are so many good restaurants and organic farms; if you are a culinary enthusiast you will be in foodie heaven. When coming from the city or flying in from JFK on your way out to the Hamptons, I recommend the Inn at the Hampton Bays. The amazing Colette is the chef and proprietor of this charming Inn and restaurant. The food is fresh and organic. Rumor has it Colette goes to the docks in the early morning to buy the fresh seafood which will determine her menu for the evening. I highly recommend the chowder. It is the best I’ve ever had. Stopping here and having dinner not only breaks up the two and half hour drive from the city, but it also gives you a taste of what’s to come.

View below from the Inn at the Hampton Bays


I love East Hampton because it has a plethora of good restaurants. We ate at the infamous Toni & Guys, which is a vibrant hot spot that serves italian cuisine. Another favorite of ours is the Living Room, which has swedish-type food. Hint: they have a beautiful garden in the back with very few tables- make sure to request garden seating…you won’t regret it! In fact, the lighting was so good out there, we did an impromptu photo session with the glaring eye of the fellow patrons. Oh well, Squirrels got to do what a Squirrels got to do. 🙂

Brother and nephew Squirrel at the Living Room.

IMG_0230Another favorite restaurant in the Hamptons is a place called Navy Beach. Situated on the bay in Montauk, Navy Beach is a casual, fun place with great food. A little luck will sit you at one of the tables on the sand. With the sun setting over the bay, surrounded by friends and family, this spot has to be one for the Squirrel books!


While you enjoy the amazing restaurants in the evening you have the wonderful beaches to lounge at during the day. I adore the Atlantic coast; you don’t have to navigate creepy things at the bottom of the ocean floor and come out covered in sea weed camouflage (not a fashion trend). The beaches in the Hamptons are magnificent. Beautiful white sand with Caribbean color waves. I had a lot of fun frolicking in the waves with my nephew, Caden. Surprisingly, the temp of the ocean was 70 degrees…that was until hurricane Arthur came the next day on the fourth. Our host was throwing a party on fourth of July, which we had to scramble to accommodate for an inside soiree. Thanks Arthur. The rest of weekend was sunny, so to that we were grateful.


Top Moment: My nephew and I looking for whales.


There is no gossip blog or TV show that can capture the essence of these magical beach towns. Harvesting your own organic eggs in the morning at the local farms, to beach side dining, the Hamptons are not just a place where the ‘cool kids go’, it’s a place where the Squirrels girls go. 🙂

~Kisses Travel Squirrel


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