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If I were ever stranded on a deserted island and I could have one makeup item only, it would definitely be mascara. I am sure you and  your girlfriends have posed this question to one another.  It’s kind of fun to see what makeup item one could not live without, and on a deserted island no less.  I can hear you saying, why would it matter…I’m all alone? The fact is we all love our must have, can’t live without makeup item.

My Mom (Dr. Squirrel) and I, are mascara connoisseurs, always searching for that perfect lash.  Admittedly, my Mom is the one experimenting and then I test the findings while we’re on trips together.  I don’t know about you Squirrel girls, but I want a mascara that doesn’t flake off by the end of the day or evening.  I am annoyed when someone suddenly tells me that I have black junk beneath my eye….or worse!…I’m on a date and I discover in the ladies room that I have the dreaded raccoon eye. This drives me craze balls!

Is there a company whose mascara doesn’t do this but yet makes your lashes gorgeous?  The answer is yes!  Smashbox makes amazing mascara along with other makeup essentials (that will be in another post).  I discovered the mascara through my Mom on our annual trip to France this past summer.  Alas, there is a mascara that does everything you want it to!  The two important tests for me are; no flaking, and the ability to reapply over and over again.  These two essentials are important for the perfect lashes.  In addition, Smashbox does not contain harmful chemicals.

Currently, I am obsessed with Smashbox’s “Full Exposure” mascara…it gives you a full, thick, long lash.  Being a mascara addict, this is a must have in my makeup bag. I was face timing with my sister-in-law the other day and the first thing she said was, “Squirrel, your eyes look amazing, what mascara is that?” I shared my discovery with her and I am now sharing it with all of you! (Yes, people do call me Squirrel :)).

Another great mascara by Smashbox is their “Hyperlash” mascara which is the first one I owned.  This mascara has all the same qualities of  “Full Exposure”, with a little bit of a different lash.  I consider this lash look more defined,  as it accenuates each lash to its fullest degree.  I personally own both and switch off depending on my mood. Which ever one you choose, you cannot go wrong… both have passsed the HOS test and are Squirrel approved!

Squirrel Tip: Click the image and you will be directed to Smashbox for purchasing!

Happy Primping!

Bella Squirrel


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