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Dr. Squirrels Must have Apps

The Digital age is here and only increasing. To keep up with Gen X and Y’ers we need to start thinking about how we consume information in the present day. Apps are the leading tool to receive information in an instant.¬† Owning a Smartphone is a good start which will enable you to download Apps. Here are some great apps that cover wellness- skewed female. My male audience can share with their wife or girlfriend resulting in the “okay”¬† to watch two football games that week!

Applications that run on your cell phone put health and wellness aids just a touch away. For that “time of the month” there are a lot of apps that can assist with calculating your next period helping with both pregnancy¬† and PMS to assess symptoms and moods.

Period Tracker Lite, iPeriod, Free Menstrual Calendar, or Period Calendar Deluxe, all track ones menses. My OBGYN is for pregnancy and non-pregnancy health information.

Apps to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (Dr. Squirrel, just say tighten your nookie! Geeez Louise); KegelTopia, Kegel Muscle Exerciser, Counter and Timer.

For Weight control and fitness, we have; Lose It!, FatSecret, Calorie Counter, iTreadmill, CardioTrainer and Endomomdo Sports Tracker.

Public Health Apps: MedPage, Today Mobile, MedWatcher and Outbreaks Near Me.

Health Aids include: Pill Tracker, Pillbox Alert, MediRemind, MyCalmBeat, SleepCycle Alarm Clock, Smart Alarm Clock and iDown.

And lastly the MUST have App: ICE, an app containing all your pertinent health information.

Happy Apping!

~Kisses Dr. Squirrel


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