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Charles Town

window hotel

I arrived on a 30 seater plane in Charleston, SC and one of the first things I was told was the mosquitos don’t bite the locals- they only bite the tourists! Of course, they especially love California girls! I escaped the hungry little dudes with 11 bites only….but those flying bloodsuckers are not going to keep this Squirrel girl away from one of the most charming cities I have ever been in my Squirrel life!

It all began with our 16 room boutique hotel called Zero George. It’s a collection of historic homes transported into a sanctuary for their guests. Our room was located in a beautiful, restored, home with covered porches and gas lit lanterns that reminded me of the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” There on George Street, I fell in love…

hotel pic

Squirrel score, when you check into your hotel and there’s a chef busy cooking away…oh and he’s only a two time Chopped champion. Vincent Perillo is a visually stunning chef with flavors that burst with each bite. I snapped some photos of him and he sort of scowled at me….cuz you know, Chefs are the new rock stars! 🙂

Chef Vincent

Our room was on the second floor in the main house pictured below…tres charm!


Charles town is a historic city where tourism drives the economy. You see a lot of horse drawn carriages. I didn’t take one but I will next time…it was too hot!

horse carriageThe scene of the crime- selfie which was accompanied by multiple mosquitos chillin on my leg…could have been the koi pond I was near…duh!! #lessonlearned

pond selfie

Beautiful Squirrel Girls, Dr. Squirrel and Landon.

mom and landon

Mom and daughter and to all of you, Dr. and Principal Squirrel. Curious about any of our clothes we are wearing? Leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Mom and Me

The Charleston nights are magical and filled with mystery and romance. Walking the streets you felt completely safe. The Doc and I walked every evening and were welcomed by the canopied tree line streets, historic architecture, and houses that were each lit by gas lanterns; we were transported to another world that made you want to come back for more. Charleston, just might be the next home for House of Squirrels.

~Kisses Travel Squirrel


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