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Surfer Girls are Rad

Every time I see Blue Crush playing on TV, I stop the channel surfing and watch this iconic chick flick film. We all have a little inner surfer girl….and why not? They are brave, badass, and have an effortless coolness about them that is infectious. This brings me to my latest fashion post inspired by who else? Surfer Girls!

This Surfer Girl has it right….

How cute is the rash guard above? Never knew rash guards could be so fashion forward until I read an article in this month’s Vogue.  J. Crew created a Pret-a-Surf sport capsule collection featuring board shorts and rash guards. Think outside the box and rock your inner surfer girl with a rash guard! Pair with skinny jeans, board shorts or with your bathing suit. We are coveting both of these rash guards pictured below from J. Crew.  Click any pics from J. Crew or Roxy to purchase.

How good are these board shorts from J. Crew? These are one of many they have featured on their site.

Beach cover up by Roxy, the most infamous of Surfer Girl brands!

Accessorizing as a Surfer Girl is just as important as your clothes or lack there of….this girl represents the jewelry, hair and overall feel of a Surfer girl accessorized right! To get the beach waves try a fave of ours, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. We are obsessed!

Roxy flip flops for only $20.00. Squirrel score!

Loving these Roxy sunglasses. Totes Surfer Girl!

As we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend let’s all bring out our inner Surfer Girl and show everyone how it’s done! Happy start to the Summer and remember Surfer Girls are rad!

~Kisses Style Squirrel

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