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Catholic School Girls Were Right

The last time I wore penny loafers was when I was a youngling in Catholic school. Back then they were used as a staple to wear with my uniform. The loafer, was comfortable, conservative, and approved by the nuns. Cut to present day.  The penny loafer has made a come back but this time on the front lines of fashion. This December in Paris, I visited one of my favorite designers, Celine. Not in my price range but in Dr. Squirrels ;).  There on the shelves was their Spring collection, and front and center was the penny loafer. They are a glammed up version, with a two inch platform and are shiny as a penny.

This Spring you will see the more stylish version of the loafer in the stores. I have been wearing mine with everything. Pair the loafer with a feminine top and skinny jeans… will not only look chic, but you will be comfortable too! Dr. Squirrel and I were saying how great they will look with white skinny jeans or the boyfriend jean. Also, you can wear with socks for the ultimate preppy look.  Can’t wait for Spring!

~Kisses Style Squirrel

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