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Calypso Escape Event

House of Squirrels hosted an event in July with one of my favorite stores, Calypso St. Barth! I curated a collection of their Summer pieces and gave them funny, kitchy names! See in…More

Calypso Escape Event with House of Squirrels

Summer Calypso Escape Event is almost here! Who doesn’t want to have a pink bag moment?! I know I do! If you live in Los Angeles, come visit me at the Calypso St.…More

Update Your Wardrobe for Summer

The summer season is almost here. As tends to be the case, that means we’re about to be inundated with fashion tips, new collections, and more options than we know what to do…More

My Oscar Week Fashion Diary

Oscar week with Vanity Fair and Access Hollywood means dress up time! Principal Squirrel had to make sure she dressed to impress and of course, represent House of Squirrels! Seven days of outfits…More

Fall-ing in Love

As NYFW goes on in New York, all the designers are showing their Spring 2015 collections. We will get to that later…but now, we have business to take care of with what I…More

Carolyn a True Style Icon

Carolyn Bessette was the epitome of a style icon. There has been no actress or model that has come close to her fashion sense- there has only been copycats. 15 years after her…More

Hippie Chic

Could you imagine if Free People was around during the 70’s, more specifically, Woodstock? Hippies would be rejoicing everywhere that they could go to one store and find their boho, hippie chic wardrobe.…More

Mother of Pearl

Don’t stash those pearls in your jewelry drawer and wait for Easter Sunday or a family reunion. These beauties need to be front and center in your wardrobe all the time! I am…More

The Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West has come front and center to fashion this Spring and we are loving the rebirth of fringe!! Update your wardrobe this Spring with a fringe piece and you will…More

Sex and the City for our Feet!

This week, I was invited to the launch of Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe collection, exclusively at Nordstrom’s. The collection of kicks are off the hook! I want five pairs for sure…whose springin’? The…More