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Forest Bathing

On a recent trip to NYC, I read an article on Forest Bathing in the ‘American Way’ Magazine (which btw is well done mag). Forest Bathing is mindfulness meets nature. It’s a walk…More

Vesper Steals Hearts in France

My latest trip to France was one that stole the hearts of the children who live there! Vesper is not only a scene stealer she’s a heart stealer too! Here are some pics…More

I Want to Marry Vanity Fair…

I had one of the best weeks of my life covering the Oscars for Vanity Fair and Access Hollywood as their Social Media Correspondent! I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to…More

Turkey Day Tips

It’s almost turkey day! I love Thanksgiving week and all that it brings. Fall weather is here, the leaves are bright with colors, the air is crisp, walks are filled with smells of…More

Niceness in Nashville

Step off the plane in Nashville and the presence of kindness surrounds you like a warm blanket…well, that and Taylor Swift images. Country singers in the bars belt out their latest songs about…More

Burger in Paris

It took Air Frances’ Air Bus 380, 5,658 miles and flying over Greenland at 35,000 feet to land in the city of lights where I had the best burger of my Squirrel life!…More

Where the Chefs Go…

My recent trip to Charleston had my Mom and I discussing at great lengths on where to eat in this very charming city. It’s the one city where choosing a restaurant is actually…More

Carolyn a True Style Icon

Carolyn Bessette was the epitome of a style icon. There has been no actress or model that has come close to her fashion sense- there has only been copycats. 15 years after her…More

Summer Beauty Essentials

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast summer lovin’ came so fast”….la la la la. For some reason Summer reminds me of the movie Grease (I like to age myself on the blog-Ha!) HOS…More

My Quest to Become a Chefs BFF

My favorite thing about Gato, is that my new “bff”┬áis the chef there (unbeknownst to him). The journey began in Paris last December. One evening, in a tiny restaurant in Montmartre (where no…More