Kitchen Squirrel

Super Bowl Party Prep

To know HOS is to know our love for the Broncos. Here are my boys getting on the plane at last years Super Bowl XLVIII. Sadly, they didn’t make it to SB in Arizona.…More

Sparkle Me Some Bubbly

We are less than a week away from one of our countries beloved holiday, Thanksgiving. The season for celebrating the upcoming holidays, means there will be a lot of bubbly to be popped!…More

Thanksgiving Prep

Three things Friday is about Thanksgiving prep! Yours truly, Principal Squirrel, pictured above making HOS’ famous Green bean casserole at last years Thanksgiving. Yes, I can multitask with Chi in hand! 🙂 Below…More

Squirrel Tips to a Successful Dinner Party

Throwing a dinner party can be daunting, especially when you are the host, cook, and lead entertainer. House of Squirrels has a few tips to making your next dinner party fun, and easier…More

Three Things to Keep in your Cupboard

Bourbon is the trend that is happening in the foodie world right now…with all the food shows I watch, I see a lot of Bourbon being used in dishes. Use it for sauces,…More

Three Things-What to Bring to a Dinner Party

How many times have you been invited to a dinner party and are bored of bringing the same gift to the host? Most of us bring a bottle of wine. Let’s step outside…More

It’s All About the Whipped Cream

Once I learned how to make whipped cream this Summer, it’s been a whipped cream fest at House of Squirrels headquarters. I want to put it on everything! I am eager to have…More

I Vote London Culinary King

Squirrel approved! Squirrel dance! The last thing I expected in London was to have some of the best food of my Squirrel life.  I came with very low expectations, and boy I was…More

Cinco de Mayo Squirrel!

House of Squirrels has a handful of people that truly inspire us and our brand. One person particularly comes to mind who sent out a funny tweet this week leading up to Cinco…More

Single Girl Finds her Rainbow in the Kitchen

Sarah Blackman is our guest blogger this week, and shares a wonderful Kitchen Squirrel recipe! This original Squirrel Girl has been a long time friend of House of Squirrels. Sarah currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia…More