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Happy Fourth of July!

Last year I was in the Hamptons on Fourth of July which was a lot of fun! You can read the post here. This year I am throwing a small BBQ at House…More

6 Best Bistros in Paris

Why go to Paris? For the romance, culture, shopping, people-watching, and of course the fantastic cuisine. But you don’t have to max out your credit cards to dine well. Parisian bistros are the answer. Here…More

My Summer Steak Marinade

I was at Whole Foods recently and decided to make skirt steak. I have never cooked with it before but I knew I wanted to use a marinade. I wanted it to be…More

Turkey Day Tips

It’s almost turkey day! I love Thanksgiving week and all that it brings. Fall weather is here, the leaves are bright with colors, the air is crisp, walks are filled with smells of…More

Where the Chefs Go…

My recent trip to Charleston had my Mom and I discussing at great lengths on where to eat in this very charming city. It’s the one city where choosing a restaurant is actually…More

Summer Spirit

I have never been much of a white wine drinker until one Summer trip to Paris. Our french friends ordered a bottle of Sancerre out to lunch one day and I was hooked.…More

Summer Essentials – Outdoor Parties

Continuing with our ‘Summer Essentials’ series we are talking all things party. I tend to hibernate during the winter months and don’t throw as many dinner parties. I recently heard the oldie but…More

My Quest to Become a Chefs BFF

My favorite thing about Gato, is that my new “bff” is the chef there (unbeknownst to him). The journey began in Paris last December. One evening, in a tiny restaurant in Montmartre (where no…More

Anna the Great

While I was in Provence for 10 days in April our American friends who live in Paris came down and stayed with us for five nights. Lucky us! Why you ask? Meet Anna,…More

Spice Rotation

When I am lucky enough to get invited to my dear friend’s house in Paris for dinner, I always bombard her with questions of culinary nature. Anna, who lives in Paris makes some…More