Bella Squirrel

Party on your Face

Let’s party! It’s that time to bring the party to your visage for the holiday season! HOS has scoured the cosmetic floors of department stores and Sephora to bring you what’s rad to…More

HOS’ Must Have Winter Face Creams

As we bundle up to stay warm, and stock up on our firewood, we also need to think about our visage, and how we can keep it supple through the winter. House of…More

Three Beauty Products to Try this Weekend

Three Things Friday is all about beauty products this Squirrel Girl is going to try this weekend! As I read tons of magazines searching for the latest and greatest products to share with…More

Three Things-Your Visage

“Three Things” Friday is here and this week is about our face….or more importantly, the skin on your face!  It’s true you are what you eat, and the foods/drinks you consume contribute to…More

Something about a Bronzer

Do you remember Cameron Diaz’s neighbor in “Something About Mary?” That’s the result of someone who bakes themselves way too much out in the sun. With skin cancer on the rise and our…More

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…. Who is the Fairest of Them All? Well, of course… Squirrel Girls are! Spring is upon us and we here at HOS love discovering new key beauty looks…More

Your Eyes Will Love You

Why didn’t my 20 year old self tell me that I should start using eye cream as soon as I entered my college years?  Here is my gift to all of you Squirrel Girls old…More

Miracle Worker

If you have been following House of Squirrels then you know that we have an obsession with Smashbox products. One of the must have makeup items from this line is called Photo Finish. It makes…More

Sexy like a Bond Girl

I have this fantasy that replays in my head from time to time about playing a Bond Girl. Then something shakes me out of my fantasy back into reality and I realize I…More


If I were ever stranded on a deserted island and I could have one makeup item only, it would definitely be mascara. I am sure you and  your girlfriends have posed this question…More